Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sony Ericsson Vivaz


Today I gonna do some review on my dream phone(for a moment la..) which happen to be SE Vivaz.This is a very nice phone though with 8.1 MP for camera, nHD 3.2 resistive touchscreen, HD video and continous autofocus. Wow!!! it's almost fulfill all my specification. But there are some flaw which are this phone runs on Symbian OS. I always wanted to use phone which is android OS. They say this android os is much more powerful and and lot more application yo choose from.

I have survey here in Miri, mean price is around RM720. But of course you still can bargain the "tokeh" till u get the price you want. Me? I target for black vivaz. It looks so cool with its human curvature design. Its fit in my hand nicely and its feel sexy to.Lol

Honestly, before I was confuse with this three phones.I either want to go for vivaz pro,vivaz, or nokia X6. But, after doing some research, I finally decide on buying Vivaz. 

Why? that is because its does not have the qwerty keyboard which I find risky. The Vivaz Pro have this qwerty so called keyboard and sliding mechanism. I sure in a year the sliding mechanism will start to loose and maybe it will have the screen problem. And the came to downgraded to 5MP only.the other function is the same.

For X6, I didnt choose this model simply for one reasons. Its design is so not my cup of tea. I like vivaz more although vivaz is resistive touchscreen and this X6 is capacitive. But still the bulky does not make sense for me.

So now, I am looking forward for our allowance to out and I promise myself to buy it directly.Muhahahahhaha.Wish Me lUck!!!!


Nokia X6


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