Friday, January 21, 2011

"Damping Malam"<<<< Night Guardian

Amy Mastura at first was thought as the innocent

The process of accepting the guardian

Being posses
Yea, this is a ghost story. Malaysian Ghost story. Very scary. Its all about u make a contract with The Guardian( Djin Or Demon) to do something for you. For Ku Lira ( Amy Mastura ), she did this because her husband always left her being alone. And she's lonely . This is also to make sure her husband not looking for other woman. She did the contract with The Guardian.

If she cant renew the contract she made, she has to face the consequences where one of her family member need to die.( Macam Ngambik lesen keta indah). And her daughter is the victim.And she dont want this to happen btw. And fyi, his daughter was submitted to boarding school and there all the incident start to happen.

What do you think? Scary Ha???

And the story goes on where his husband finally notice after believing that Ummi Siah was the causes to all of this. Ummi Siah were thrown away from their home. FYI, Ummi Siah is the aunty to this Ku Lira. She is responsible to take care of this family. 
She died. ='(

As the ending, Aiza ( Ku Lira daugther ) finally died because of the contract that haven't been renew since the Shaman ( The one as the medium between demon or Djin to human) died and of course could not renew the contract for her.

What I can conclude is never make any deal with demon or djin. It could bring harm to you. Belive in your GOD. GOD is the most powerful and most merciful.



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