Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me Playing River Flow In you

This video was taken on 20/8/09
There is some mistake here,Sorry for the mistake but I will
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River Flow In You

River flow in you is OST of the Twilight movie. And this song was composed by Yiruma. Thats mean this song is originated from Japan as this song composer name look like Japan name.Hehehe(what a guess).. I started to play this song 2 days a go and now is I only can play half of the music sheet. this song is very difficult as it needed you to play it gently and there is a lot of sharp and flat note everywhere(what a life)....But when I can play half of them I can feel the song now. Hem...about the music sheet you can request it from me by left a comment here...left your email also ok,,...hem  maybe I will upload my own video of playing this song next next posting.just wait k...hehhehe
Wish me luck

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daesang Undergo surgery

After the near fatal car accident on August 11th, Daesungwill finally be undergoing surgery today, August 19th, 2009 (Korea Time). The surgery will require full anesthesia, and at this time, they do not know how long the operation will take. YG Entertainment stated, "as soon as the surgery is over, we will provide an update on Daesung's status." They also stated, "Daesung has been in a good mood lately, joking and laughing with the people around him. However, he is still having difficulty moving around. Even in this situation though, Daesung hasn't lost his smile and he has been concerned about his schedule." Despite all of the difficulties he's facing, it's nice to see how bright the guy is, seems like a very genuine person. We hope Daesung's surgery goes well and we wish him a speedy recovery.

the assignment seasons started liao

Ahhh....assigment seasons where the seasons I afraid most has this the end of this the dark side of, This time I will do my best in my assigmnet. I will try to finish ny assigment this time perfectly no delay...I prommise

This is the list of my assigment received.

1. ElP
2. Mathematic2
3.Pengantar Pendidikan
4. BIA

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Now the haze in our Institute is getting worse. Even now I can sme

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM still on schedule.....

Its been a while I amnot, the issue that I want to talk about now is about the schedule of our big exam which is UPSR,PMR, SPM, STPM. Before this there is a rumor that this exaamination will be postponed to the other date. But, on 4 august the government decide that this examnination will continue as usual.
NUTP and KGMMB which a education related organization also insist that this examination still on its original schedule. Their reasons is if this big examination being postponed the lesson plans will need to be reshedule which will bring problem to all of our students.
In my opinion, I am totally agreed with this step as this influenza is still under control and the government also take a smart steps which the suspicious infected students were taking the examination at the different hall from the normal students. SO there is no reasons that this influenza will spread more. SO, the examination should be run on its original schedule.

IPS quarantined...

Finally, our beloved institute is also quaranhtined started on 2 august till 6 of august.This was due suspected person was recognized in our institute. Bit till now there still no positive result.But I hope there will no positive result as this will make the situation worse here. We students were required to go to medical checkup everyday as there is a medical team here in our institute. ALso thanks to institute as the allowed cafetaria incharge person to be inside this Institute. Just imagine if there is no cafetaria service here mean no food also available.Hummm......the situation just like a zombie island where we were quarantined.Hehehhehe...............