Thursday, January 20, 2011

mAn FashiOn...Some

They look normal, its just that the pant is fitter. But do you notice that the tie is "Long John".

The model is not ok. But the fashion yes. But this kind of fashion does not suite me

Ouch!!!!!! I love this the most. I wish I can wear that snow cap. Its suitable to where is semi formal event. Or maybe a Dinner perhaps. The shade looks great to

This is not so wearable by me but for the first model from left maybe yes. And the shoes does not looks good

I love to wear this. Its just that I dont have the blazer look likes that yet. But I love how he wear the jeans n shirt and blazer.It mix well. Yes, the grandpa spectacle also suite this outfit well.

Very boyish look. Its suitable for everydays outing. Or maybe hanging out with friend at night or whenever its a bit cold. Of course, dont wear this when its hot clever. Hahaha

Look smart and "sempoi"

Not gonna wear this...


Some fashionista to said...

Why you cant wear some of them?But You will if you dare enough =)