Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gulliver's Travels (2010 film)

Hi again. Today is Friday and it is my favourite day of the week. Since this is the last day of lecture for the whole week, so I can start to plan all my activities starting from this day. Stop talking bout me, Today I gonna write some about movie called Gulliver's Travels. Its a great movie though.

Official Poster
 Up here is the official poster of the movie. Gulliver's Travels is a fantasy comedy film directed by Rob Letterman and loosely based on the 18th-century. And Jack Black is the main actor. I love to watch any movie where he is the actor. One of them is "School Of Rocks".

School Of Rock Poster      

One that is common about him is he loves rock!!! Rock Star RulE!!!! hehehe. 

He is rocking in "Teenacious D" to

 One point that I like about this Gulliver's movie is its not the same with my mum used to read when I am a little child.And its completely different from the storybook of course. Its been modified especially by the era the movie in. Its in our era or should I say 2010. It is because we can see how their attire look like, I Phone, and even they mention once in the movie about the year they were in.

Man from past to now..

The most interesting part for me in this movie is the part where Gulliver's change the whole society of the small people from very English era to modern era. He introduces everything that happen to his world to them. For example current fashion and movie to. Its just that he told them he is the hero of every movie where this people thinks its actually happen. LOL!!!!

He told them that he travelling to other planet just like in Avatar's movie. It just that he change the name to Gavatar = Gulliver + Avatar. hahaha.. He also told them that he is the skywalker as in the Starwar's movie. And he is Jack in Titanic to.

He is the Skywalker...Hahahahhaha
Titanic cutscenes

Yea, he lied to all the Liliput's society. But at last he confess to them. At first they cant accept that Gulliver cheat them. But at last Gulliver proof to them that he cheats because of some reasons and they finally accept it.

I also found that the scene where this Liliput playing with the Iphone funny. They slide the Iphone. I mean a giant Iphone for the Liliput Society. And they found its so amusing. Me also find that Iphone is great btw.hhehhe

Iphone 4

Over all, this movie is so hilarious. I laugh out loud while watching this with my friend. And for the second time with my family. Hehehe. Yea, its two times of watching the same movie. Hahaha.I recommend for those who haven't watch you better watch this. Bye for now.


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