Tuesday, January 18, 2011

maTheMaTic reSoUrcEs pRojeCt..

Hi, good day everyone.

Ok, today I gonna share with all of you what did we do in our class of Mathematics resources. We were asked to do some T.A.K which FYI simply mean teaching aid kit. Its very colourful.

This project were done by me, Hubert, Nisa, n Inaz. We do this together but finally they(nisa & Inaz) decide to for us since there is lack of time. Here some picture to share with. ENjoy!!!

tHis iS tHe fIrSt sTep, wE nEeD t0 pIck 10 diFfeRent cOlouR pApEr.

Inaz iS cUtTiNg tHe dOuBle tApe caRefUlly<<<

SOme oF OuR ArT wOrK

tHis iS hOw wE RoLLed iT tOgetHer, Nisa SaYs It JusT lIke You gOlong The pOpiaH Biscuit

Nicely arranged huh, hey!!! tHat My pEncIl!!

My Pencil Again =D!!!

SoMe of TheM mAnaGed To Be dOne, but Due tO lAck oF tiMe, We hAve To sTop     

That is or all for now. I will post more in the future