Friday, July 24, 2009

My spoiled saturday....

Why i say it spoiled. Actually it is not bad as you think. Today we have a general cleaning program that was organised by Institut. Before we start, we have an aerobis session conducted by freshie.Hehehe, I know there were force to do this. But, actually they were doing so well. I've enjoyed a lot.
After the aerobic session next we proceed to next activity which is the geneeal cleaning. Our class we ask to clean theboy "ampaian". Thats mean all the girls in our class were so lucky as they have the change to go to our dorm. They were so excited.

But, after 15 minute of cleaning, the serious atmosphere turn to be a a full of laughing, a photograph session, a joking session, and easy to say turn to be a very un serious session.Hahahha, I also do a lot of joking.But, we have finish the cleaning before the time we expected. This prove hat an unserious session also can help in doing something.Hehhehehehe.
After that, we were helping the junior, Hazwan has joke a lot with me, same as Kashful. And not forgotten Ster. They were so closed to me and make me want to take care of them a lot. For your informatio0n, I will only cares for those who cares. So, to be cares by me, take care of me first.Hehhehehehhe
The general cleaning end about 9am. I quickly go to sleep as it was disturbed this morning.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Local Social Web.Introducing.YouthCIti

There is a lot social network out there such as facebook, friendster,tagged, and etc. But all of these are from the other country. So, here I introduce the new social network which is youthciti. In addition it is a local network that made by UUM partnership with JARING.
This social network provide a lot of interesting feature almost the same as the other social network and most of it client is from local university.
So, in my opinion this is a very good effort as it will prove that Malaysia can everything and at the same height with other developed and developing country. Congratulation UUM and JARING

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diploma In Music Next Year at UKM

Wow!! UKM has offering a diploma in music starting next year. UKM vice Chancellor said that they offering this offer because of its there is many people that have interest in music out there but don't have opportunity to furthering their study as they dont have enough requirement. But now they can continue their study althought they dont have SPM result. As long as they have experience and and interest.
For me, this is a good effort that will benefit our country a lot. We will have brigther future in our music industry as there is more and more competent musician born. This will produce a very competitive atmosphere where there is more masterpiece will produce. The other benefit is there is less unemployed out there and government will headache no more to think about this issue.
UKM, you save the world...hehehhee

Why till primary 6 only????

Utusan Malaysia reported that most of rural area student were schooling until primary 6 only. Most of the student are boys. And most of girl students will continue their school at secondary school. Utusan Malaysia also report that the factor why most of boy students will not continue their education is because of they feel not comfortable at secondary school.

Why do you think this issue happen here? In my opinion ....maybe because less of encouragement from their parents. In addition boys tend to hate education more than girl. But I hope that teacher and parents will together solving this issue as if this continue to happen what will happen to our next generation? What will happen to our friends in rural area there? What will teacher do? What will we do as a becoming teacher? Think bout this?

Monday, July 20, 2009

2PM Says Goodbye... For Now ..hehhehe

I guess it's 3PM now. With a medley of singles "Again & Again" and "I Hate You", 2PM ended promotions for their latest mini-album, 2.00PM - Time For Change. Take a long look at the last music show performance we'll see from the hottie heptagon for some time, courtesy of CodeMonmonSeason3:
I guess it's 3PM now. With a medley of singles "Again & Again" and "I Hate You", 2PM ended promotions for their latest mini-album, 2.00PM - Time For Change. Take a long look at the last music show performance we'll see from the hottie heptagon for some time, courtesy of CodeMonmonSeason3:
While the boys didn't manage a goodbye victory, they have provided us with a multitude of memorable moments during this round of promotions, including feature performances with K.Will and Navi, a meeting with Thailand's prime minister, breathtaking dance breaks, and, most impressive, a grand total of eleven music show awards (7 for "Again & Again", and 4 for "I Hate You"), including three triple crowns (Mnet Countdown & SBS Inkigayo for "Again & Again", and Mnet Countdown for "I Hate You"). Way back on April 23rd, 2009, when 2PM performed their comeback stage on Mnet Countdown with faulty mics, only the most optimistic Hottests could have envisioned the magnitude of 2PM's accomplishments over the course of their promotions. Whether or not you like their songs, their choreographies, their looks, or the 2PM members themselves, one thing is certain: these guys bring it with every single performance, making each time they are on stage the hottest time of the day.
But, just because promotions are ending does not mean the boys will be vanishing from the limelight any time soon. With new positions as emcees, a new sitcom, and more inevitably hilarious variety show appearances, fans will still be able to catch glimpses of the boys, even if the music show stage will be 2PM-less for some time.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Minggu Pengurusan.."THE END"

At last, today is the end of the minggu pengurusan. I am very happy with as we will not busy as always. We will have more time to do our business as there is more time. During this minggu pengurusan, there is a lot of things happen. There is a lot of freshie@new friends, there is a lot of conflict, there is a lot of sick, there is a lot jokes, fun, memory, and most important is we gain Ukhwah at The "BUmi IPS"...By managing this orientation week we gain a lot of experience to.
This picture was taken when they are doing the last activity at the beach near our beloved Institut. here look very happy although they need to woke up early and go to this cool ice beach. I having flu when going back. They are also shown their teamwork as they are respecting each other and helping each other.

There are also showing their "teacher will be" spirit boldly. They overcome their shyness and comfident. They never showing that they are afraid..Go IPS, Go IPS!!!!!!!!
Althought some activities were a bit hard, but they still manage to do it. Thats the spirit of Chekgu....
They are also very friendly and "sporting". They are a not a mood killer. They keep me laughing.
Some more picture

SNSD Raises The Roof on Music Core

SNSD had a rather eventful day at MBC Music Core, first coming down onto the rooftop of the MBC building from a real helicopter (although only five of them were actually in it).

SNSD Raises The Roof on Music Core

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samlet in K-Pop | 18 Jul 2009 - 06:02 AM

SNSD Raises The Roof

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SNSD had a rather eventful day at MBC Music Core, first coming down onto the rooftop of the MBC building from a real helicopter (although only five of them were actually in it).

Check out this unusual entrance.

They then proceeded to perform hit single "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" on the roof.

Kudos to prot0980 for the videos.

Hooray, they wore the white outfits from the teaser photos, complete with many leggy shots from the MBC camera crew. The stage was awesome, the sound quality was surprisingly good, and it's all fun and hip-hip-hooray, but what did the S♥NEs who were actually in MBC Music Core get to see? Just wondering, sorry for being a party pooper.

Anyway, it's rather nice to see some novel stages from Music Core. If anyone at MBC is reading this, here are some other potential stages I'm sure fans would love: DBSK at a sauna, Son Dambi & Lee Hyori special duet at a Korean bathhouse, 2PM in the boys locker room, Yuri doing anything... I could go on forever.

The K-Fan imagination knows no bounds.

In other SNSD news, the girls appeared in another CF for Miero health drinks. Enjoy the cutesy, if that's what floats your boat, courtesy of yuriyuri1111:


No piano class tomorrow..yeehuu...but than a bit upset as I start to love my piano class although I hate it before...Yea...people change.By the way...there is a lot happening today. First is we have planned with Inaz and the gang to hang around today.But, its turn that I hanging around with christine...we buy some grocery than we go to taman awam to play ....we like a child liao...we play at playground without even bothering the other child there...hehhehee

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Government will not continue the PPSMI

Although there is many people complaining about the elimination of PPSMI, but the government will not continue PPSMI. This is due to the result of UPSR which drop from 85% to 83% from year 2003. This decision also were made not only a day but after a long research based on all factors. So, we must accept this decision although we have been studying using English all this time. Actually there is no big matter to continue in Bahasa Malaysia as it is our language by the way. SO, we hope that all people will try to accept this and the media also please stop pressuring the government about this matter no more..........

LEe Hyori and Wilbur PAn????


No need to worry, gentlemen. Sexy idol Lee Hyori and Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan are just collaborating for the meantime to record songs and a mini drama CF together. So what exactly is this power duo supposed to be promoting? Well, last month, Hyori was chosen as the model to represent Korean car manufacturer Hyundai and star in their CF's in China, so it's very likely it has something to do with that. Reportedly, the CF recording began yesterday in China.

If anyone happens to miss the days when Hyori rocked out to "Anymotion" and "AnyClub", you'll be happy to know the same director of those videos has taken charge of this upcoming project. I'm willing to bet that as long as Hyori's scantily clad and shakin' it well, no one will be complaining. And just to ease the nostalgic feelings for some of you readers out there, here's the Anycall collection featuring our lovely lady.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nota fonologi bahasa Melayu I will share a note which I take from some of the university...hope this note will help us a lot in improving our career as a teacher and not forgetting for those who is going to become a teacher. Enjoy!!!!! Just click at the link below and download it

19 murid keracunan makanan( Current issue)

As a becoming teacher.We must concern to anything education related issue such as anything that happen to school and etc.As today, I were interested to tell us about a keracunan makanan issue happen at a school. It was happen at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Sungai Kechil Hilir at Bandar Baharu. They were 19 students involve in this case and they were rushed to Pusat Kesihatan Serdang after complaining they have stomachache.This incident were happen around 10.30 am July 14(my birthday actually).
So, what can we do as a future teacher??? Will we just standing pretending like nothing happen? Or we just justify this cases as a normal cases? No. we must try to avoid this issue happen again at a school especially at school where we are in charge. We must make sure the food serve at the canteen is guaranteed safe to eat and healthy to. Althought you might not a H.E.M or Guru Besar or a Pengetua, you still can do your job by by taking an action to report to "pihak berkenaan" such as Guru Besar. If all teacher in this country can do this, I am very sure that parents will not thingking negatively about the food at the school.
From what I heard recently, mostly parents were afraid to let theit children to eat at the school canteen or cafetaria.But they prefer to ask their children to bring a lunch set from home to make sure their children safe. So, will we teacher will just standing and let parents think negatively about our school which they should think a place where their children are safe?
Others from that, we also must make sure the food at school canteen must be sold at a acceptable price. They must not too expensive as not all children came from rich family. So, to make sure all of our students get enough food we must make sure the price of food at the cafetaria is an acceptable price.
Last but not least, let all of us who are a teacher and a teacher will be united in making the school is the best and the safest place to our students. Thank you

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

G-Dragon and New Miss Korea Sitting In A Tree

No, no. They aren't k-i-s-s-i-n-g. But they are, in fact, very good friends! After Kim Joo Ri won her title as the 2009 Miss Korea Jin, netizens whipped out their stalking skills and found out that G-Dragon of Big Bang and Kim Joo Ri are very good friends. YG Entertainment confirmed the fact by saying, "After checking with G-Dragon who is currently in Japan right now, it is confirmed that he is friends with Kim Joo Ri. Nothing other than their friendship was confirmed, but he did tell us that they have not been in contact due to busy schedules."

"Thanks To, Kim Joo Ri" was listed on Big Bang's First Album, which stirred up quite a scandal among the netizens. Not only that, when Big Bang's album was released, Kim Joo Ri congratulated G-Dragon on his minihomepage. So this begs the question, How do they know each other? Quite Simple, They went to the same high school, and their love friendship grew from there.

I smell jealous fangirls!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Bang to be on Music Station

Big Bang is scheduled to appear on July 17th's Music Station program on TV Asahi. This is a great honor for Big Bang as it took TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki a very long time and patience before being invited.

The TV Asahi website for Music Station states that Big Bang will be performing their new single "Gara Gara Go!" Congratulations to Big Bang for being invited to Music Station. Thanks to Huggable and dudette for the tips.Go Big Bang!!

What a suprise!!!!

What a surprise. Yeah I know today is my birthday. Guess what they just suprise me to hell but it was myself who ruined that party by myself.Hehehe I just came in to in to the cafeteria and watch my own cakes,,,,and at that moment I felt very happy,sad, and others mixes of emotion. The girl whom I loved also being happy for me...They just singing loudly without ignoring people around us as I gone red and blushed. There is also my junior who pass by and wish me happy birthday and actually I want to give them a piece of cake but they did't have enough time for that.HUhu...poor them. And huh....dont know what to say liao,,,,,i just very happy I'am writing this after the suprise party immediately...

big bang!!!!

I am a big fan of Big Dragon as their music suite me well...I love most of their song....I like gara gara go which is the latest release of their album which were made at japan...they are now working their song at japan which is very good to me as they will not only stick to one type of publication..

New student registration weeks

today is quite tiring day as I in charge for the the registration for new student. I woke up quite early and dress smartly today...sure I'am the most handsome one today...hehehehhhe...perasan saja bah....guess what we are finishing at 12.30 pm something and i'am continue to have my dance practise today at 2.30.....very tired while dancing and cannot dance is we are preparing for tonight for next posting...i sure including some picture there