Thursday, July 16, 2009

LEe Hyori and Wilbur PAn????


No need to worry, gentlemen. Sexy idol Lee Hyori and Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan are just collaborating for the meantime to record songs and a mini drama CF together. So what exactly is this power duo supposed to be promoting? Well, last month, Hyori was chosen as the model to represent Korean car manufacturer Hyundai and star in their CF's in China, so it's very likely it has something to do with that. Reportedly, the CF recording began yesterday in China.

If anyone happens to miss the days when Hyori rocked out to "Anymotion" and "AnyClub", you'll be happy to know the same director of those videos has taken charge of this upcoming project. I'm willing to bet that as long as Hyori's scantily clad and shakin' it well, no one will be complaining. And just to ease the nostalgic feelings for some of you readers out there, here's the Anycall collection featuring our lovely lady.