Wednesday, July 15, 2009

19 murid keracunan makanan( Current issue)

As a becoming teacher.We must concern to anything education related issue such as anything that happen to school and etc.As today, I were interested to tell us about a keracunan makanan issue happen at a school. It was happen at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Sungai Kechil Hilir at Bandar Baharu. They were 19 students involve in this case and they were rushed to Pusat Kesihatan Serdang after complaining they have stomachache.This incident were happen around 10.30 am July 14(my birthday actually).
So, what can we do as a future teacher??? Will we just standing pretending like nothing happen? Or we just justify this cases as a normal cases? No. we must try to avoid this issue happen again at a school especially at school where we are in charge. We must make sure the food serve at the canteen is guaranteed safe to eat and healthy to. Althought you might not a H.E.M or Guru Besar or a Pengetua, you still can do your job by by taking an action to report to "pihak berkenaan" such as Guru Besar. If all teacher in this country can do this, I am very sure that parents will not thingking negatively about the food at the school.
From what I heard recently, mostly parents were afraid to let theit children to eat at the school canteen or cafetaria.But they prefer to ask their children to bring a lunch set from home to make sure their children safe. So, will we teacher will just standing and let parents think negatively about our school which they should think a place where their children are safe?
Others from that, we also must make sure the food at school canteen must be sold at a acceptable price. They must not too expensive as not all children came from rich family. So, to make sure all of our students get enough food we must make sure the price of food at the cafetaria is an acceptable price.
Last but not least, let all of us who are a teacher and a teacher will be united in making the school is the best and the safest place to our students. Thank you