Friday, July 24, 2009

My spoiled saturday....

Why i say it spoiled. Actually it is not bad as you think. Today we have a general cleaning program that was organised by Institut. Before we start, we have an aerobis session conducted by freshie.Hehehe, I know there were force to do this. But, actually they were doing so well. I've enjoyed a lot.
After the aerobic session next we proceed to next activity which is the geneeal cleaning. Our class we ask to clean theboy "ampaian". Thats mean all the girls in our class were so lucky as they have the change to go to our dorm. They were so excited.

But, after 15 minute of cleaning, the serious atmosphere turn to be a a full of laughing, a photograph session, a joking session, and easy to say turn to be a very un serious session.Hahahha, I also do a lot of joking.But, we have finish the cleaning before the time we expected. This prove hat an unserious session also can help in doing something.Hehhehehehe.
After that, we were helping the junior, Hazwan has joke a lot with me, same as Kashful. And not forgotten Ster. They were so closed to me and make me want to take care of them a lot. For your informatio0n, I will only cares for those who cares. So, to be cares by me, take care of me first.Hehhehehehhe
The general cleaning end about 9am. I quickly go to sleep as it was disturbed this morning.