Saturday, July 18, 2009

Minggu Pengurusan.."THE END"

At last, today is the end of the minggu pengurusan. I am very happy with as we will not busy as always. We will have more time to do our business as there is more time. During this minggu pengurusan, there is a lot of things happen. There is a lot of freshie@new friends, there is a lot of conflict, there is a lot of sick, there is a lot jokes, fun, memory, and most important is we gain Ukhwah at The "BUmi IPS"...By managing this orientation week we gain a lot of experience to.
This picture was taken when they are doing the last activity at the beach near our beloved Institut. here look very happy although they need to woke up early and go to this cool ice beach. I having flu when going back. They are also shown their teamwork as they are respecting each other and helping each other.

There are also showing their "teacher will be" spirit boldly. They overcome their shyness and comfident. They never showing that they are afraid..Go IPS, Go IPS!!!!!!!!
Althought some activities were a bit hard, but they still manage to do it. Thats the spirit of Chekgu....
They are also very friendly and "sporting". They are a not a mood killer. They keep me laughing.
Some more picture