Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Happy Hols, ehm...for this time being I dont know what to write about. BUt i have something to share with all of u. Which is song called Soldier by BunkfAce.

Well, this song is very the belly unique, interesting,,and etc ( coz I tend to praise till i finish up my adjective) .....Fall for it in the first time listening to it is..>>>>

Tabbed by 'AkuAthir'
Any comment, juz post on:
Bm F#m Bm A
You are the soldier, a rising sun.. Wait for the heyday look far away...
And believing yourself your name on the shelf, a legend...
Bm F#m Bm A
You are the soldier the chosen one, bring back the heyday look far away..
With respect and decay , forever we'll stay, together...
Bm F#m Bm F#m
And singing life is all that we need, but the lies is all that we see
Bm F#m
Raise your hands high up in the sky,
missing secrets you'll fine,
Bm G D A Bm G A
in your heart... in your heart.... in your heart...
Bm F#m
You are the soldier, light up the night..
Bm A
We are the soldiers, we'll stand in fight..
At the end of the day, forever we pray for the legend
Repeat chorus(1x)
C#m/G#m(3x) A B

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Left Behind? Don't Worry


We never get left behind..

This was dedicated to anyone being left behind. Was making this after realize some of our precious friend being left behind.

There's nothing wrong if we left behind by others
It make us space for ourself to realize our mistake

There's nothing wrong if we left behind by others
It gives us chances to think freely without being influenced
Although not all influences were bad

There's nothing wrong if we left behind by others
Because we can make friends to anyone without being tied to others
We can gain support from a lot of people

There's nothing wrong if we left behind by others
Because we can make our own things without considering others
We are freely and not being bonded to others

There's nothing wrong if we left behind by others
There was less emotion to take care with and deal with

But, believe me you are not left behind actually
It just that you need time to be alone
You will get together with your friend whenever you want to
Because there must be someone for you out there
They are waiting for you
They always waiting for you to come to them

Remember friendship is the nicest things in the world
It makes us happy
It makes us feels better and there we gain support and strength

-cloud and rain-

Monday, May 10, 2010

Confused Emptiness

I was confuse, am I happy with this emptiness

I was confuse, am I doing the right thing
I was confuse, am I Happy
I was confuse, am I right to be sad

Everything was confusing
But I know every decision need sacrrifices
I accept to sacrifice
I was trying to be happy and accept this emptiness
But somehow, In this silent early in the morning
I was defeated by this emptiness
I feel guilty, sad, and regretfulness
Although I was the decider, and feel I was very right about the decision
But, I know there was a part of me I was totally wrong...

But, what done is done
I am not looking backward
I am looking forward
For a better future and a chance of forgiveness from myself and others

Tomorrow, I will be happy
Tomorrow I will be a better MAN
Tomorrow I will looking forward and high
With full enthusiasm which I know I was before
Tomorrow is a new day
Confused no more
With a clarification
Views of my life


Bag Given By Inaz

To all Mirian, I have an announcement to make where it is the new announcement on the uses of plastic bag. Starting from one May, everyday is "No Plastic Day" where we need to use our own eco bag or shopping bag. Wow, I must buy one so that i will not shopping and holding my groceries with bare hand. Just imagine one day, I was holding a shampoo, and eggs, and and a bottle of mineral with hand without plastic and walk around Imperial Mall. Malu babe!!!!

But it was my own mistake for not bringing my own plastic bag. What to do..... And nowadays there is a lot of full design of shopping bag from various color. Hahhaha, I guess this is the new era of shopping in Miri where we are not using plastic bag but with fancy looking shopping bag..I have one red in color given by Inaz. Thanks to her(above pic)..hehheh

The Announcement

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The RhauDah....

This is our picture after the performances during convocation. But I am not officially Rhaudahian....

Cute And Handsome? WHich to prefer....

There is major differences between cute and handsome. Cute is adorable, boyish, young, and helpless. Handsome is manly, gentle, mature, and about responsible.

In this world, there is two types of male, cute boy or handsome man. Me??? I prefer handsome. Why because handsome has more responsibility with great ability. Cute is nice to see and to have. Hahaha, but still i love cute pets such as cat, tortoise, and hamster. But I always wish for tiger or lion...can meh?????

But the things is I have none of both characteristic. But I always glad that I have this face coz I believe there is something that outstanding and shine from me. Everyone is handsome in their own way. But still I dont like to be cute....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Now I realized

Now I realized, we cannot expect everything from people,

Now I realized, we cannot force and be force to get something,
Now I realized, we wont get what expected which is to high
Now I realized, everything is interconnecting each other,
Now I realized, problems can make your life difficult,
Now I realized, we cannot overdo something,
Now I realized, we must not be greedy,
Now I realized, I must grown up more,
and now I realized, everything up there is an experiences

Now I realized, there is differences from expecting and hoping,
I will put my hope but never expecting

Now I realized, we must do something with heart, not to be force,
And ones must not forcing others to,

Now I realized, expecting higher must come with higher effort,
You cant expecting high if you are not come with the efforts,

Now I realized, we must help, we must not being selfish, we must stop thinking about ourself to much

Now I realized, Problem is the very good teacher, it teaches you how and make you mature

Now I realized, quality is better than quantity. A short done with quality is better than a long done without realizing the quality.

Now I realized, greedy only make your life difficult

Now I realized, I am a boy who must be guided to be a boy

Now I realized, experiences not to buy but through itself

Finally, Now I realized. We must admit our mistakes and correcting it first before pointing to others

-Cloud And Rain-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Majlis Permuafakatan Pendidikan di Peringkat Parlimen

Maklumat menurut sumber:

  • Membolehkan agenda memartabatkan pendidikan negara dilakukan dengan lebih sistematik dan menyeluruh
  • Dipengerusikan oleh seorang wakil rakyat khususnya ahli Parlimen di kawasan masing-masing.
  • Turut dianggotai oleh wakil daripada Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD); Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru (PIBG); badan-badan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) pendidikan tempatan dan polis.
  • Isu pendidikan tidak boleh diselesaikan secara berasingan
  • Parlimen memberi fokus kepada usaha memperkasakan agenda pendidikan di kawasan mereka.
  • Memudahkan tumpuan pengisian program dan bantuan diberikan.