Saturday, May 1, 2010

Now I realized

Now I realized, we cannot expect everything from people,

Now I realized, we cannot force and be force to get something,
Now I realized, we wont get what expected which is to high
Now I realized, everything is interconnecting each other,
Now I realized, problems can make your life difficult,
Now I realized, we cannot overdo something,
Now I realized, we must not be greedy,
Now I realized, I must grown up more,
and now I realized, everything up there is an experiences

Now I realized, there is differences from expecting and hoping,
I will put my hope but never expecting

Now I realized, we must do something with heart, not to be force,
And ones must not forcing others to,

Now I realized, expecting higher must come with higher effort,
You cant expecting high if you are not come with the efforts,

Now I realized, we must help, we must not being selfish, we must stop thinking about ourself to much

Now I realized, Problem is the very good teacher, it teaches you how and make you mature

Now I realized, quality is better than quantity. A short done with quality is better than a long done without realizing the quality.

Now I realized, greedy only make your life difficult

Now I realized, I am a boy who must be guided to be a boy

Now I realized, experiences not to buy but through itself

Finally, Now I realized. We must admit our mistakes and correcting it first before pointing to others

-Cloud And Rain-