Monday, May 10, 2010

Confused Emptiness

I was confuse, am I happy with this emptiness

I was confuse, am I doing the right thing
I was confuse, am I Happy
I was confuse, am I right to be sad

Everything was confusing
But I know every decision need sacrrifices
I accept to sacrifice
I was trying to be happy and accept this emptiness
But somehow, In this silent early in the morning
I was defeated by this emptiness
I feel guilty, sad, and regretfulness
Although I was the decider, and feel I was very right about the decision
But, I know there was a part of me I was totally wrong...

But, what done is done
I am not looking backward
I am looking forward
For a better future and a chance of forgiveness from myself and others

Tomorrow, I will be happy
Tomorrow I will be a better MAN
Tomorrow I will looking forward and high
With full enthusiasm which I know I was before
Tomorrow is a new day
Confused no more
With a clarification
Views of my life


Grace Cynthia said...

Wow, u can write a poem and express ur feelings well.Congratz!!!

Anonymous said...
mus..ya blog baru aku..:)