Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Walk Of Life

Well, thats me. With k, my friends here.We go around Miri. And yea..using bus, such a long and tiring journey. But yea, I do love it since I rarely using public bus. Prefer using car though...hahaha

And this is Hubert. He's the great man and best friend. We always laugh together. We share our love on cat. We both love cats so much and made this onomatopoeia sound of cat. Miowww!!

My friend again, there shahrul and Kelvin...used to hang out with them. They are great friends. ANd, excuse my looks so sleepy.Actually its not, I appreciating my food while the picture are being taken. Ngeee

I've tried dancing to. Its good to try many form of art. But, my heart still the best at playing musical instrument esp PIANO...I luv piano. But, still, I am quite a dancer to.hehehe

This is me with Pidah, and Inaz. Went to spring that time. And enjoying watching movie together.hehhee