Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Fantastic 4 frens....N some Pictures

Hai again....its me again. this is my second post of the day.Hehehe. Well I have this great day outing with some of my great friends....they are awesome fabulous. I enjoyed so much. Yes, I mean so so much.

They are Afiq( IP RAJANG), Bg IkH ( IPTAR), Bg Aderuze ( IPTAR), Bg Salleh (IPTAR).....yea...they are teacher will be to.hehhe. I wish i can hove some friends from IPBL.

Today I went to IPTAR. Their Institute is awesome. They have very nice infrastructure. Here some picture

A view on hostel

Inside PI
ok...after that we watching HOMECOMING MOVIE...great movie to. I wish we have some picture from MBO.HUhhuhuhu...

Yea....and eat some pizza to. We rasmi the pizza because today is opening day for pizza hut at THE SPRING. And later we eat again at waring 2000.Hehehe. I eat this rainbow rice. Dun believe its have raainbow colors??? here the proof>>>>

 phehehe...welll...when i go back.My mum suddenly ask me to go to pizza again..eating again the same thing..I am full.super duper full.

To be honest. I dun feel like blogging today. Thats all for today